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Digital Marketing Strategy


In this module, you will develop an integrated understanding on how the digitalisation of business and society poses challenges and opportunities related to the way your organisation communicates with and accesses customers.

The module is organised based on three key pillars:

  • Digital Customer
  • Digital Communications
  • Digital Data



  • Managing customer-touchpoints tailored to each specific customer by integrating the physical and digital world.
  • The change of the customer choice process through digitalisation and the concept of customer journey and omni-channel marketing.
  • The differences of digital communication and possibilities that are enabled by the ability to target individual customers.
  • The use of content and media to address customers who can easily avoid advertising.
  • The advantageous use of customer data, important metrics and its limitations.
  • Privacy concerns, ethical aspects and regulations when using customer data.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop insights on questions regarding digital communication and branding.
  • Learn how the customer choice process is changing through digitalisation.
  • Learn about new opportunities enabled by the ability to target individual customers.
  • Identify the metrics that matter in the digital world.

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Key Facts



23 September 2021(Thu)
24 September 2021 (Fri)






University of Cologne

Work experience

Work Experience

Minimum of 2 years



1.450 € (module only)
Certificate Programme: Included



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Module of

DLI Certificate Programme


  • Learn how customers make choices in a context where the division between the digital and physical world is blurred.
  • Understand how organisations communicate with customers and learn from them through digital media.
  • Examine what can be learned from market and customer data.


  • Learn about three key pillars of digital marketing: Digital Customer, Digital Communications and Digital Data.
  • Open discussion about the role of regulation and customer privacy concerns on the use of data.

Target Audience

Tailored to suit managers and management teams in organisations faced with digital technology challenges and a desire and capacity for tackling these challenges. Suitable participants include, but are not limited to, team leaders, project managers and managers of business units in large organisations, or directors and executive staff in small to medium sized companies.

Prof. Dr. Hernán Bruno


Prof. Dr Hernán Bruno

Professor of Marketing and Digital Environment at the University of Cologne

Prof. Bruno was a Marketing Professor at INSEAD (2008-2015), Erasmus University in Rotterdam (2007-2008), and a consultant at McKinsey & Company (2000-2002). He holds a PhD from London Business School.

Professor Bruno research focuses on statistical modelling to support marketing decision-making, or to generate insights into marketing phenomena. Prof. Bruno’s teaching experience ranges from undergraduates to senior executives in a broad spectrum of industries (Consumer Goods, Banking, Consultants, Oil & Gas).

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