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Module 1 - Innovation Leadership


This module is designed to equip Executives, Leaders, and Senior Managers with the necessary skills to boost their organization’s innovation capabilities by providing state-of-art leadership and innovation theories and popular managerial practices (e.g., design thinking, lean startup, and agile management). The module is divided into three seminars: Imagine, Inspire & Implement. Each seminar will provide insight into Leadership and Innovation.



Dates: 14-16.9.2023

Additional Modul Onmichannel: 21.-23.9.2023






University of Cologne

Work experience

Work Experience

Minimum of 2 years



€1.690 (module only)
Certificate Programme: Included


Module of

DLI Certificate Programme




  • Imagine: gain an understanding of innovation strategy and start building strategies, while reflecting on your role in your organization’s innovation strategy. Additionally, you will learn to build and communicate a vision via scenario planning.
  • Inspire:  This seminar will provide you with ways and methods in which you can inspire your team to generate creative ideas. Furthermore, you will be given insights into the ways of creating a vibrant innovation culture.
  • Implement: learn how to start implementing innovations quickly and effectively. Also, developing a creative yet sustainable solution considering the strategic nature of innovations. The goal is to create an innovation rebellion at your organization.


  • Blending classroom learning with real-life case studies, as well as, readings and videos to understand different approaches to innovation
  • Using both theory and case studies as a learning tool to increase your confidence of turning innovative ideas into measurable business success
  • In addition to the latest organisational theories real-life case studies are used to understand the benefits and disadvantages of organising, agile project management and flexible teams
  • Apply your learnings to your organisation right away

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Learning objectives & benefits

  • Building a vision and developing an innovation strategy to achieve that vision.
  • Inspire others to generate creative ideas.
  • Assess and execute innovations efficiently and effectively.
  • Plan and prepare for future scenarios.
  • Create a vibrant innovation culture.
  • Attain dynamic managerial capabilities for innovation.
  • Unleash your leadership skills to lead innovation activities.
  • Gain a critical attitude towards business fads and popular methodologies.
  • Become an inspiration for innovations in your organizations.
Dr. Murat Tarakci


Dr. Murat Tarakci

Associate professor of Innovation and Technology Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Dr. Murat Tarakci leads the Innovation Management section. His research interests focus on innovation strategies, behavioral theories of the firm, and designing innovation teams. His research has appeared in leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Operations Management, and featured in the Harvard Business Review and Financial Times. He regularly engages with Dutch and international organizations on their innovation- and strategy-related challenges.

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