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16 Aug 22 - Leadership Expedition in Norway

Our EMBA Class of 2022 is on its way through the wild lands of Norway in Rondane National Park.
After their arrival they had a „last supper“ in civilization and by now they should be roaming between forests, rivers and mountains.

18 Aug 22 - Good Morning Norway

Although there was a lot of cold rain yesterday and a very exhausting climb everybody is in a good mood! They all have a great time full of laughter, challenges and deep talk. Each day candidates take a moment and think about a special topic/question.

All questions will help them find out more about themselves and about their leadership personality - together with our coach Anna Beadle. Thank you for your great inspiration!


23 Aug 22 - Abroad they go again

This week marks the start of the international study trips of our EMBA Class of 2023. There is a variety of locations that our students visit. They were able to make a choice based on the country, but also on the topic.

24 Aug 22 - Digital Insurance Transformation Class #3

On August 23 and 24, participants in the 3rd. run of the Digital Insurance Transformation certificate programme as well as some catch-ups from previous classes will dedicate themselves to the hot topic "Corporate Digital Responsiblity" with Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Brink. In addition, tech trends for the insurance industry will be highlighted. For this purpose, an exciting interactive lecture in the morning by Torsten Kusmanow and Michael Rubinger from msg will be followed by the presentation of various startups that will present their technologies and solutions (Complero, ClaimBuddy, Fimo Health).