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Leadership I

In a quickly changing, uncertain, complex and global world, the expectation on executives to successfully master every day’s obstacles are constantly rising. This requires a high amount of authenticity, self-reflection, emotional intellegence as well as the capability to adjust one’s own management style to the personality of her/his employees and the specific context. During the Leadership Skills module, you will get to know methods, theories and tool that will help you to confidently manage the diverse tasks as an executive.



  • The meditation of the "Leadership Pipeline": Find out more about the challenges and rules that you have to consider when you are advancing to a leadership position.
  • Get to know diverse management styles and methos, from "Situational Leadership" to "Positive Leadership".
  • The transition from a colleague to a superior.
  • Find out more about various personality types and communication methods.
  • Develop your own communication style further.
  • Learn how to lead your staff effectively and how to evaluate them correctly.
  • Receive feedback and coaching tools.
  • Analyse and understand team dynamics and developments.
  • Learn, how to understand conflicts and find appropriate solutions for them.

Learning Objectives

  • You will get to know the most relevant concepts and models of management.
  • You will reflect on your own managment style and gain a better understanding of it.
  • You will acquire tools, inspirations and advice that you can directly apply at work.

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Module of

General Management Certificate Programme


  • Together, we will analyse the variety of models and instruments that you can then apply in your working life as an executive whenever deemed necessary.
  • You will extend your knowledge on relevant aspects of leadership.
  • You will develop your leadership skills by reflecting on your personality.
  • You will work out a personal action schedule on how to implement your most important learnings in your daily routine.
Young Professionals


Dr Hans-Jörg Keller

Managing Partner at Global Leadership Development in Cologne

Dr Keller has worked as an international trainer, coach and consultant for 30 years and in 30 different countries. His focus is on topics like leadership and intercultural cooperation. Among his costumers are companies from varying industries, such as BMW, Ford, Roche, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Vodafon and many more.  He has functioned as an executive for 25 years and is currently a managing partner at Global Leadership Development in Cologne.

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