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Advanced Management for Senior Professionals

The certificate programme „Advanced Management for Senior Professionals" gives you new impulses for the further development of your leadership and management skills. The programme provides you with important methods and skills to develop your company in an innovative and effective way.
Please note: the programme is taught in German.



The „Leadership" module covers the areas of Digital Leadership, Strategic Leadership and Virtual Leadership. This will help you to find new ways to manage and empower your employees. Decision-making processes are optimised, which will strengthen your own position in the long run. Furthermore, the programme gives you a compact introduction to the topic of „Innovation Management". By using a variety of practical examples and field reports, it illustrates how your company can integrate innovative processes and products even more effectively.

You will also learn how to place new products and ideas using targeted marketing strategies and how social media, influencer marketing and storytelling can support you in doing so. The „Entrepreneurship" module is not only aimed at company founders, but also at managers, who want to develop their existing business further through entrepreneurial thinking and acting. The exchange with experienced managers enables you to reflect on your own company‘s problems and to generate new, usable ideas.

Participants, who wish to build a solid foundation in the area of finance, can additionaly book the optional module „Finance for Non-Financial Managers"

All modules at one glance

Senior Professionals

Leadership I: Digital Leadership

The first part of this module will demonstrate the great importance the progressing digitalisation has for executives, in order to work out a strategic leadership portfolio.

Dates: 23.11.2021 (Tue)

Duration: 1 day


Virtual Leadership

Leadership II: Strategic Leadership/Virtual Leadership

The second part of this module will deal with relevant aspects of subject areas: Strategic Leadership and Virtual Leadership.

Dates: 24.11.2021 (Wed)

Duration: 1 day


storytelling in marketing

Marketing & Social Media I: Storytelling

This module will help you to grasp the relevance and impact that a good storytelling can have for an executive and her/his company.

Dates: 09.12.2021 (Thu)

Duration: 1 day


Influencer Marketing at the University of Cologne

Marketing & Social Media II: Social Media Marketing

In the course of this module, you will develop an understanding for today's meaning of social media and influencer marketing.

Dates: 10.12.2021 (Fri)

Duration: 1 day


Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Innovation & Change I: Entrepreneurship

During this module on "Entreupreneurship" you will learn more about methods and concepts that will help you to operate in a entrepreneurial manner.

Dates: 13.01.2022 (Thu)

Duration: 1 day


Advanced management for senior professionals

Innovation & Change II: Design Thinking Workshop

You will participate in a insightful workshop on "Design Thinking", including all of its important aspects.

Dates: 14.01.2022 (Fri)

Duration: 1 day



Innovation & Change III

You will receive a compact but thorough introduction into the important management topic of Innovation & Change with a variety of pratical notes and examples on digital transformation.

Dates: 15.01.2022 (Sat)

Duration: 1 day


Senior Professionals Management

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (optional)

During this module, you will gain profound and up-to-date knowledge to integrate financially oriented approaches into your business decisions.

Dates: 27.-28.01.2022 (Thu-Fri)

Duration: 2 days


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Key Facts



7 days in 3 months (Module 1-3)
9 days in 3 months (Module 1-4)



7 course days respective
9 course days






University of Cologne

Work experience

Work Experience

At least 3 years



Issued by University of Cologne Business School



Module 1-3: 2,750 €
Module 1-4: 3,500 €



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  • First-hand expert knowledge
  • Methods and skills that are important aspects of modern leadership
  • A diverse format with a practical knowledge transfer, case studies and a relevant company visit
  • Extension of your personal network by executives of other companies
  • Acquisition of the “Advanced Management for Senior Professionals” certificate from the University of Cologne Business School



  • Current insight into the trend topics Virtual Leadership, Storytelling und Influencer Marketing
  • Intense working atmosphere: interactive lectures and discussions
  • Practical simulations and case studies

Target Audience

Senior managers, divisional and departmental heads and executives of all areas with at least 3 years of professional experience.

Information Systems

Academic Director

Prof. Dr Detlef Schoder

Prof. Schoder's research deals with data-centric product, process and business model innovations. For the application of Artificial Intelligence, he and his partner companies won several awards including the IATA Innovation Award 2016 and the German Innovation Prize (Finalist). He also won the “Innovation Award” by the German Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) for individualised media. Considered the leading introductory book on “Information Systems”, he received the VHB Text Book Award 2017. Detelf Schoder has worked in Germany, USA, Republic of Kazakhstan and Japan.

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