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How can study, work and childcare be reconciled in times of a pandemic?

The Corona pandemic is and will remain a challenge for all of us at the beginning of 2021. During our interview, Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA alumna Veronica Romantini reflects on the opportunities the situation offers.

"I try to focus on the chances." – Interview with Veronica Romantini (Alumna EMBA 20) on how she deals with the current Covid-19 situation

Veronica Romantini works as Head of Sales for Benelux and DACH and is one of our Alumni EMBA students. She graduated last year and shared some of her thoughts on the current situation with us:

Veronica, in which way were you affected by the current situation?

"I am a single working and studying parent of three children. The big difference was and is of course, that the kids are at home and that I have to divide myself for all the different tasks: my work in home office, taking care of the younger kids and of the oldest one with homework and homeschooling, regular housekeeping and shopping  all of it has to be done all at the same time. I have more tasks than usual."

Have your acquired special skills, which helped you in your position?

"I have experienced that a clear structure of the day and of the tasks helps to master the multi-tasking requirement in these times. A family is like a working team and everybody has her/his own strengths and weaknesses and the leaders, which are the parents, should recognise them, in order to divide the tasks accordingly. Now that there are a lot more tasks to handle, it is even more important to get the youngest on board as well and to give everybody her/his own responsibilities. It is a chance for the smaller ones to learn new things and it's a chance for the parents to consistently teach the kids, what is important for them."

Do you think there is something beneficial in all of this?

"The day has 24 hours and if we were before forced to divide it hermetically in actions, now we can divide the time differently. Some could say it creates variety, some could say it creates confusion. I think it is only a matter of getting used to something new. I try to focus on the chances."

Last but not least: Looking back at your Executive MBA studies. You graduated last year. How did youexperience the courses which were held – due to the Covid 19-situation – as online classes?

"The digital classes I've participated in were a positive surprise for me. In the beginning I was sceptical about it, but the result was very good! The reaction of the university was very fast and outstanding. I feared that the class could be too theoretical but the professor structured it very well with a high exchange of content as well as group work and student participation. Being demanding, the attention was kept high so it was quite dynamic even if virtually."

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