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Faculty Members


The faculty members of the Business School of the University of Cologne stand for outstanding, science-based and practice-oriented teaching. The members of the faculty have already made a name for themselves in the scientific world through numerous international and national research projects. Professors and lecturers currently teaching at the Business School include:


University of Cologne

[Translate to English:] Prof Dr. Nicolas Fugger

Prof Dr. Nicolas Fugger

[Translate to English:] Prf. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg

Prf. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


Prof. Dr. Daniel Metzger

External Lecturers


Dipl.-Math. Harald Grobusch



Prof. Dr Thorsten Semrau

University of Trier

Dr Christoph Wolff

Dr Christoph Wolff

Member of Executive Board and Global Head of Mobility and Transport of World Economic Forum, Geneva and New York

Business School Cologne

Prof. Dr André Marchand

University of Leipzig

[Translate to English:] Leadership Development

Dr Hans-Jörg Keller

Leadership Skills Development

Business School Cologne

Katharina Leistenschneider

Innovation Management & Design Thinking

InsurLab Germany

Sebastian Pitzler

Technologie-Trends & InsurTechs

Mashup communications

Liam Kreutschmann


Risk Management

Prof. Dr Monika Gehde Trapp

Universität Hohenheim

Prof. Dr Michael Wittland

Prof. Dr Michael Wittland

Hochschule Hannover

Prof. Dr Ali Sunyaev

Prof. Dr Ali Sunyaev

Karlsruhe Institut for Technologie (KIT)

[Translate to English:] Prof. Michael Burkert

Prof. Michael Burkert

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