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3 questions for Managing Director, Dr Stephan Anders


"UCBS - Within the Team" is a new series, with which we want to introduce the Team of the University of Cologne Business School (UCBS). Our Team consists of women & men with different acadamic backgrounds and nationalities, diverse working experience and ages. Look behind the scene and get to know us better.
To get this startet our Managing Director, Dr. Stephan Anders is the first who'll give us a glimpse of his vision:

UCBS: Stephan, since 2018 you are leading the UCBS as the Managing Director, but your relationship to the University of Cologne goes way back. In the early 90s you accomplished your Master's degree in Business Administration in Cologne and you are holding a MBA and PhD of two other international Universities. What is taught at the Business School, that can create additional value to a University degree?

Dr Stephan Anders, Managing Director: I experienced myself how important a profound and international education is for today’s challenging working environment. I always appreciated and benefited from the knowledge and expertise by excellent Professors. These experiences were also applied to the structures at the University of Cologne Business School. I strongly support the idea of „life-long learning“ and apart from pure knowledge, skills and methodologies become more important to deal with the challenges of a continously changing environment. This is exactly the focus of the Business School: it offers a wide range of higher education programmes, i.e. great learning opportunities for all who wish to delevop their abilities: from young professionals to top executives. All our activities support the three columns of our business: academic programmes (e.g. Executive MBA and MBA), certificate programmes and seminars and finally customized programmes that are tailored for the needs of our clients.

UCBS: What is your vision for the further development of the Business School?

Stephan: Although diversity is already a core value at the University of Cologne Business School, we aim to extend it even further. For example we encourage particularly women to join our EMBA and MBA programmes by offering scholarships especially designed for women. We want to shape inspiring leaders and by doing so help them develop their carreer paths. Diversity is also expressed by the broad range of our faculty members and the variety of innovative topics in our classes. A good example is our brandnew programme on Esports Marketing, a „hot“ topic for all Marketing Managers who wish to get access to this growing market with its attractive young target group. As speakers we gather leading experts of the Esports market. Or in other words: we always combine academic knowledge with a high practical impact by bringing business experts into all our programmes. This enables our participants to grow their network and get in touch with todays leaders. But it is not only excellence we are looking for, we also like to create an open learning atmosphere with lots of interaction. To summarize it in short: based on the high reputation of the University of Cologne we continue to establish the UCBS as one of the leading Business Schools in Germany and beyond.
UCBS: But work & education is not everything in life! What is catching your interest in your freetime?

Stephan: I was always interested in all kinds of sports and like for example running all year round and skiing in winter. This is were I can relax best and recharge my batteries. A true passion is also photography. I like to freeze the moment in pictures and obeserve our wolrd through the lense. And I like to travel and explore the world the further the better. So physical activity, photography and travel – a perfect match for me!

UCBS: Thank you very much, Stephan!


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